Retweet Predictions Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Tweets through The Method of Multi Level Stacking

Keywords: Multi Level Stacking, Twitter, Retweet, COVID-19, Vaccination, Prediction

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The rapid development of technology from day to day indirectly influences increasing social media use. This can be seen from spreading information that is very easily found on social media, one of which is Twitter. It is one of the most popular platforms for expressing people’s feelings by tweeting and interacting with other users at the same time. Various opinions about the COVID-19 vaccination began to be discussed on the Twitter platform. Moreover, most people take advantage of the feature available on Twitter, namely retweets. Users do retweet because there are many influencing factors. It can be caused by a reason that they have the same opinions and thoughts as the tweet owner, and so on. A retweet feature is also a form of information diffusion on the Twitter platform. The diffusion of information on Twitter has several factors, such as the most influential users, using hashtags or URLs, and others. In this conclusion, retweet predictions have been carried out regarding COVID-19 vaccination tweets using the features user-based and time-based through the Multi-Level Stacking classification method. This method indicates the best results when oversampling with an F1-Score of 96.23%.


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